Small Groups & Luncheons

Small Groups & Luncheons

Three Jimmy’s is an excellent location for small group meetings, luncheons, monthly group meetings and more. We offer group services, private or not, for groups 15 and over. Three Jimmy’s banquet and entertainment room in Gatlinburg is available for any event. We offer full service catering on-site and off-site. Contact our catering coordinator, Christina Woods, at 865-207-0380.


Reserve our awesome patio for your next group event!  865-207-0380.

  • You can reserve tables even if the event is not private. Deposit is required at the time you reserve and can either be applied to your bill at the conclusion of your event or refunded when you arrive.
  • You can have buffet for a group over 15 even if the event is not private. Again, the deposit is required.

Additional Services:  Food and hostess service, beer service/private bartender, entertainment, and more.

Amenities:  Separate stage area, private bar area and a large screen 125″ large screen projection TV. The room can be configured and set-up to accommodate your special needs.

Event Reservation Requirements:  Reserve at least 1 week notice prior to your event. Deposit is required that goes toward your balance.

Booking:  There are three ways you can book with our restaurant or catering services:

A.  You can complete our online booking request.

B.  Email us at

C.  Call our catering coordinator, Christina Woods, at 865-207-0380.

For entertainment information, contact Jim Braun at (865) 556-9100.

  • We keep deposit if cancellation is within 1 week of event appointment not kept.